Multicore Architectures and Their Effective Operation 2012

On June 28-29 2012, we organized a symposium ignited by the academic and research achievements that have bloomed as a result of intentional -or even not so pretended- outcomes from seeds generously spread around by Mateo Valero, Professor at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

The theme of the workshop is : “Multicore Architectures and Their Effective Operation, 2012”, (or MATEO 2012 for short).

Consists of a day and a half of technical presentations given by distinguished researchers and industry representatives in the field of computer sciences that have in some way collaborated or have been in contact with UPC and the Computer Architecture Department faculty and researchers, the CEPBA and BSC centers, and all the related academic projects partners and collaborations with companies during the last thirty eighth years. The talks deal with topics such as computer microarchitecture, multicore programming, heterogeneous computing, compilers or programming models, etc.

Mateo 2012 Invited Speakers and Program

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Organizing Committee

  • General Chair: Yale Patt, U. of Texas at Austin
  • Local Chair: Nacho Navarro, UPC Barcelona
  • Secretary of the Workshop: Lourdes Cortada, BSC Barcelona
  • Web Chair and Logistics: Victor Garcia, UPC/BSC,
  • Contributions Chair : Karthikeyan Saravanan, BSC,
  • Student Volunteer Chair: Enric Morancho, UPC
  • Press Releases: Gemma Ribas / Sara Ibáñez, Email:


You are welcome to participate. So if you are interested in the event, or if you would like to contribute:

Of course, all people interested are welcome, and we would like to have you here at the technical workshop at UPC, Barcelona. There may be limited space, so please apply by filling the registration form. But participation is not restricted to attendance. There are a number of options for those who are unable to attend that may help make this event unique. For example, technical contributions from former UPC Computer Architecture Department PhD Students may bring a historical view of the major achievements in computer architecture. Participants from industry will consider how academic research can influence or become a product. Etc. Workshop participants can socialize during a reception on Thursday evening.

Collocated with the workshop, but as a separate event, for the attendees that would like to stay and local staff, there is also a calm lunch time with occasion for informal presentations on Friday afternoon. We would like to ask anyone that has been involved with Mateo in the last years to collaborate by sending texts, pictures, stories, or short videos. We will put together all the material in order to make a historical album with quotes, as well as a multimedia presentation with salutations and interesting stories.

Venue / Lodging

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